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Talent Q

Talent Q (now with Korn Ferry) provides online psychometric test, assessment consulting for every stage of a recruitment application.

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Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with Talent Q. Our practice tests are for candidates to prepare for Talent Q tests; we do not sell tests for employers to use in selection.

About Talent Q

Talent Q are a leading online psychometric testing company. Their psychometric tests are used internationally, and are available in over 40 languages. Many clients and employers hold Talent Q assessments in high regard.

Talent Q offer the Elements Verbal, Numerical and Logical Reasoning tests as well as the Dimensions personality profiling tool. Using Talent Q's Dynamic Assessment Technology, Talent Q Elements is a set of adaptive psychometric tests which change their questions according to the candidate responses. Talent Q Dimensions is a personality test that offers a large profile on the candidate.

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Talent Q ability tests

Talent Q's aptitude tests are titled as Elements. These fall into three test styles. Numerical, verbal and logical. These are used in all sectors, and at all levels from graduates to managerial levels. We give a list here of the three Talent Q Elements aptitude tests:

Time Limit: All Elements tests have a time limit of 15 minutes.

  • Elements Numerical: The Elements Numerical test measures your numerical reasoning ability. The test assesses your ability to analyze numerical data in table form, and to come to logical conclusions via deduction. The test typically consists of 12 questions.
  • Elements Verbal: The Elments Verbal test measures your verbal reasoning ability. The test assesses your ability to comprehend information from written passages and to analyze arguments about the information in the passage. The test typically consists of 15 questions.
  • Elements Logical: The Elements Logical test measures your inductive/logical reasoning ability. The test assesses your ability to recognize patterns and logical conclusions based on a series of images or abstractions. These may includes arrows, symbols, rotations and more. The test typically consists of 12 questions.

An essential feature of Talent Q's Elements series is that they are adaptive tests using a technology they call Talent Q's Dynamic Assessment Technology. This means that the test is generating itself by regarding your answers to the previous question. If you got the correct answer, the next question will automatically be increased in difficulty. Likewise, if you get an answer wrong, the next question will decrease in difficulty. Therefore, the test does not has a set difficultly level and your score will depend on what level of question difficultly you managed to correctly answer.

Talent Q personality and competency questionnaires

  • Talent Q Dimensions: Talent Q Dimensions is a deep and robust personality questionnaire that typically takes around 25 minutes to complete. This assessment is usually only taken later on during the recruitment process when the employee is being considered. The employer wishes to find out whether the employee will be a good fit. Dimensions gives a large portfolio, and provides a lot of information on a candidate's personality. This includes how they will work with and/or manage others.
  • The personality questionnaire is broken down into three categories: People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects, and Drives and Emotions. Each category has various scales and detail provided.
  • Talent Q Aspects: Talent Q Aspects is used as a screening process, usually for high volume recruitment. It assesses the key competencies that the role will require. As such, it is competency-based assessment. This Aspects assessment typically takes only 8 minutes long.

Find out more about Talent Q

If you want to find out more, feel free to check out Talent Q website here: Talent Q

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