SHL (formerly CEB SHL) is a global psychometric test publisher, talent measurement consultancy and occupational psychology specialist.

About SHL

SHL is a psychometric test publisher, specialist in occupational psychology, and talent measurement consultancy well-used around the globe. As such, SHL has a presence in over 50 countries and operates in over 30 languages. It has numerous clients from around the world which include FTSE 100 corporations and Fortune 500 companies. SHL has a large market presence in the industry of psychometric testing, has produced and continues to produce some of the most commonly-encountered psychometric tests in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Given this, it is likely that candidates will come across SHL tests during their recruitment applications.

Prepare for SHL tests

Our practice test packs are suitable for preparing for SHL tests. Our practice tests come with solutions included.

SHL aptitude tests

SHL provide psychometric tests at most levels of position, ranging from the senior executive to entry level administration. Their ability tests include numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic reasoning tests. As with most standard reasoning tests, SHL tests assess your speed, accuracy and overall score during the course of an assessment day exam. We give a list here of the most commonly used SHL aptitude tests:

  • SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests: The maths required in a numerical psychometric test is determined by the difficulty of GCSE level. The part required from you, is to interpret and figure out what calculation is required from the question, and under pressure of time. The topics are generally relevant to the workplace, meaning that the questions can be similar, and therefore realistic, to the role you are being recruited for. The SHL verify numerical reasoning test consist of 18 questions and typically lasts 17-25 minutes depending on job level. These tests are used to measure your ability with statistical data and numbers.
  • SHL Verbal Reasoning Tests: Verbal reasoning tests will test your ability to understand and make logical deductions based on verbal/written data. Verbal psychometric tests used in selection usually take the form of a written passage followed by a series of questions with possible True, False or Cannot Say responses. Here is a useful explanation for the meaning of each of those responses. The SHL verbal reasoning tests consist of 30 questions and typically last 17-19 minutes, depending on job level. They are designed to measure a candidate's ability to evaluate the logic in various kinds of argument as presented in written form.
  • SHL Inductive Reasoning Tests: Inductive reasonings test have you thinking against the clock as you have to spot patterns from the sequences of images or graphics. One has to notice the variables and difference that occur across the sequence. The SHL verify inductive reasoning test consists of 24 questions and typically lasts 25 minutes. It is designed to test a candidate's ability to draw inferences and understand the relationships between various concepts independent of acquired knowledge.
  • SHL Mechanical Reasoning Tests: The SHL mechanical reasoning test measures a candidate's understanding of basic mechanical principles. This typically involves the use and application of devices such as gears, handles and pulleys. SHL Verify provides a unique ability test online by randomising questions from their item bank to ensure that candidates will have not had exposure to any specific test. The SHL verify mechanical reasoning test typically lasts 25 minutes.
  • SHL Reading Comprehension Tests: The readoning comprehenstion tests require a candidate to extract relevant information from written sources and make objective judgements on the basis of that information. The SHL verify reading comprehension test consists of 18 questions and typically lasts 25 minutes.
  • SHL Deductive Reasoning Tests: Deductive reasoning requires you to look at the clauses and their outcomes. These are explored and discounted in both a positive and negative sense in order to arrive at the only possible outcome without contradicting the given premises. The SHL verify deductive reasoning test consists of 18 questions and typically lasts 10 minutes.
  • The SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB): This set of tests comprised of numerical, verbal and a specific Productive Thinking tests, aimed at graduate and management level positions. These productive thinking tests assess the abstract thinking and creativity of the candidate. SHL consider these to be more difficult that their standard Verify tests. The time limit for the verbal reasoning test is 25 minutes, the numerical reasoning is 35 minutes and productive thinking time limit is 32 minutes. These tests may be used for selection, assessment and for development.
  • Bespoke ability tests: Lastly, SHL employ bespoke ability tests that are specific to an industry whether it be finance, sales, or role specific. These are custom made tests, which are tailored to the precise specifications requested by the company using the test. If you taking one of these tests, it is highly likely to be extremely relevant to the industry/job role and will often assess multiple reasoning abilities within the same test.

SHL personality questionnaires

SHL not only provide psychometric tests, but also personality quentionnaires. These can be used to assess whether your personality is a good fit for the role being considered. An example of an SHL personality questionnaire is shown below:

  • The OPQ32: This questionnaire is a personality test designed by SHL. It comprises over a hundred question items that explore 32 specific personality qualities. Questions on the test will explore your preferences towards each of these qualities, and compile the results into a report, providing insight into your personality and your potential competencies.

Preparing for SHL psychometric tests

SHL have a website which you can check out here: They have a limited number of practice tests and sometimes run trials of new tests which are open for candidates to trial.

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