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Saville Assessment

An international occupational psychology consultancy now part of Willis Towers Watson.

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About Saville Assessment (a Willis Towers Watson company)

Founded by Peter Saville, co-foudner of SHL, Saville Assessment is an international occupational psychology consultancy. They are also a large player in test publishing of psychometric tests - which are used by companies large or small around the world. They personality questionnaires are particularly popular, as both these and their tests are known for their thorough research - making them well validated.

Formerly known as Saville Consulting, they rebranded themselves under the new name of Saville Assessment.

Prepare for Saville Assessment tests

Our practice test packs are suitable for preparing for Saville Assessment tests. Our practice tests come with solutions included.

Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with Saville Assessment (formerly Saville Consulting) or Willis Towers Watson. Our practice tests are for candidates to prepare for Saville Assessment tests; we do not sell tests for employers to select candidates.

Saville Assessment aptitude tests

Saville Assessment provide psychometric ability tests at most levels of position, and are known for their particular specification request. These tests include numerical, verbal, abstract, mechanical and error checking. Given that Saville Assessment was founded under Peter Saville who also founded SHL, the tests are very similar. Saville Assesssment has tests with strong validity. We give a list here of the most commonly used Saville Assessment aptitude tests:

  • Verbal aptitude: Verbal reasoning tests will test your ability to understand and make logical deductions based on verbal/written data. Verbal psychometric tests used in selection usually take the form of a written passage followed by a series of questions with possible True, False or Cannot Say responses.
  • Numerical aptitude: The math required in a numerical psychometric test is determined by the difficulty of GCSE level. The part required from you, is to interpret and figure out what calculation is required from the question, and under pressure of time. The topics are generally relevant to the workplace, meaning that the questions can be similar, and therefore realistic, to the role you are being recruited for.
  • Diagrammatic aptitude: Diagrammatic aptitude, oftentimes called inductive or abstract reasoning, involves noticing patterns as operations and applying them to diagrammatic situations. A candidate will typically be provided with a key and a set of diagrams and must fill in a missing operation in the sequence.
  • Error checking aptitude: Candidates will be provided with two sets of transposed data, with one set containing errors. These errors must be successfully identified by the candidate. Candidates will then be assessed on their ability to check and identify verbal, numerical and coding errors.
  • Spatial aptitude: Spatial aptitude is the ability to apply spatial judgement and visualize objects from multiple angles. These tests will assess candidates' ability to solve rotational and transformation problems, visualize objects and notice inconsistencies. This ability may be tested for positions requiring technical ability such as science and engineering.
  • Mechanical aptitude: The mechanical reasoning test measures a candidate's understanding of basic mechanical principles. This typically involves the use and application of devices such as gears, handles and pulleys.

Saville Assessment personality questionnaires

Saville Assessment publish one of the most psychometrically valid personality questionnaires on the market, the Saville Wave ®. Their personality questionnaires assess personality and behavioral preferences in the workplace, and they generate a profile based on the self-reported data from the candidate themselves. These can be used to assess whether your personality is a good fit for the role being considered. Saville questionnaires include:

  • Wave ® Professional Styles: This 40 minute personality questionnaire gives an in-depth assessment of candidates' personality in the work place, providing a detailed report based on that profile, including strengths, areas for development and recommended culture-orientation fit.
  • Wave ® Focus Styles: The Focus styles is a shorter, 13 minute questionnaire, featuring the same questions as the professional styles, with the same objectives but with less questionnaire items.

Preparing for Saville Assessment psychometric tests

Saville Assessment have a dedicated webpage for test takers: Saville Assessment The company you are applying to should also be able to explain more about the test you will have to take.

Find out more about Saville Assessment

If you want to find out more, feel free to check out Saville Assessment website here: Saville Assessment.

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