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Cubiks is an international HR consultancy that publishes numerous psychometric/ability tests for its client companies.

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About Cubiks

Cubiks is a leading online psychometric testing company and HR consultancy that publishes various psychometric tests internationally. Cubiks has market power, not only in the United States, but in many places around the world including Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Given this, it is likely that a candidate will encounter a Cubiks test during the recruitment process.

Prepare for Cubiks tests

Our practice test packs are suitable for preparing for Cubiks tests. Our practice tests come with solutions included.

Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with Cubiks. Our practice tests are for candidates to prepare for Cubiks tests; we do not sell tests for employers to use in selection.

Cubiks ability tests

Cubiks offers various psychometric tests, that are used for recruitment processes from a wide range of roles. The tests can be taken online, unsupervised, or supervised at an assessment centre.

We give a list here of the most commonly used assessments from Cubiks:

  • Logiks Verbal: The Logiks Verbal test has 36 questions and is 25 minutes long. The test assesses your ability to comprehend information from written passages and to analyse arguments about the information in the passage. Unlike some True, False, Cannot Say verbal reasoning tests, who will need to answer with the correct given statement to the question.
  • Logiks Numerical: The Logiks Numerical test has 20 questions and is 25 minutes long. The test assesses your ability to analyse numerical data in table form, and to come to logical conclusions via deduction. Data for the questions will be presented in the form of tables, graphs and images.
  • Logiks Abstract: The Logiks Abstract test has 30 questions and is 15 minutes long. Therefore, questions must be answered relatively quickly. The test assesses your ability to recognize patterns and logical conclusions based on a series of images or abstractions. These include symbols, rotations, shapes and more.
  • Logiks General: The Logiks General tests are a battery or tests, made up for the other three tests: Verbal, Numerical and Abstract. Therefore, it has 30 questions, 12 verbal, 8 numerical and 10 abstract. It will take 20 minutes, 8 for the verbal, 8 for the numerical and 4 for the abstract. This test will therefore assess all of the abilities in the above tests, but less demanding in each area. This test is useful for general ability testing rather than specific ability assessment.

Cubiks personality questionnaires

Along with ability tests, Cubiks also provide personality questionnaires that determine whether a candidate's personality attributes and competencies merge well with the employing organisation. It is good to remember that there is no right or wrong answers in personality test, they simply assess your preferences in the workplace and thus suggest your competencies based on these preferences.

We give a list here of the personality tests given by Cubiks:

  • Peronsality and Preferences Inventory (PAPI): The PAPI is a personality assessment split into two types. PAPI N - it is not timed, though is typically 25-30 minutes in length. You rate statements and see what sentiments you agree with. The information with identify your insights, strengths and personality traits. The PAPI I - it is also not timed, though is typically 30-35 minutes in length. Here you pick a statement from a selection which you feel is most like you. Again, the information is compiled into a report to identify your personality type.
  • Cubiks in-depth personality questionnaire CIPQ: The CIPQ is like the PAPI N. You rate statements and see what sentiments you agree with. It is a lot shorter, typically 10 minutes in length, and along with the PAPI helps provide a deep understanding of a candidates personality and behavioral traits.

Find out more about Cubiks

If you want to find out more, feel free to check out Cubiks' website here: Cubiks

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