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Cappfinity is a psychometric test publisher and business measurement consultancy company.

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Sample Cappfinity numerical reasoning test - Free

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Free Practice Cappfinity-Style Numerical Reasoning Test

This sample Capp numerical reasoning test has 8 questions and no time limit. This test is of an average difficulty and contains Cappfinity's new and unique style of questions.

What are Cappfinity numerical assessments?

Cappfinity are a UK-based aptitude test publisher, they were previously known as Capp, so whether you are practising for Capp or Cappfinity, it is the same thing.

Cappfinity have taken the traditional format of an adaptive psychometric assessment and added a few new question styles, which have made a welcome change amongst candidates and employers. If you are used to other publishers' tests, such as SHL and Saville Assessment, you might get a surprise when you come to take your Cappfinity test. The time limit has been removed and this is the main difference between Cappfinity tests and most other aptitude test assessments. Rather, the time you require to complete the test is counted. You can choose to continue to the next question at your leisure. The most commonly used Cappfinity assessments are their numerical, verbal and critical reasoning tests:

  • Cappfinity numerical reasoning tests: Time is counted, without a time limit imposed. There are three styles of numerical questions throughout the test; pick, type, and rank. See below for more details.
  • Cappfinity verbal reasoning tests: Time is counted, without a time limit imposed. There are five styles of verbal questions throughout the test ;styles of communication, missing words, corrections, rank statements. See below for more details.
  • Cappfinity critical reasoning tests: Time is counted, without a time limit imposed. There are five styles of critical thinking question in one test; logical conclusions, beyond reasonable doubt conclusions, arguments, true/false/cannot say, assumptions. See below for more details.

How are Cappfinity numerical tests different?

Cappfinity numerical reasoning test are made up of qusetions designed to assess different aspects of your numerical reasoning skills. Not imposing a time-limit allows you to take the time you require to complete the question and answer it accurately under less stress. The three question types are briefly described here:

  • Insert: You must use your keyboard to input the correct answer in the box provided. There can be no guesswork here as there aren't any answers to pick from. Be sure to follow any instructions for rounding or decimal places as you must give the exact answer in order to be correct.
  • Choose: You must calculate the answer to the question and then select that answer option from the list given to you. This is your traditional multiple choice question.
  • Rank: You are presented with answer options, which you can drag across the screen, and are asked to sort them into a particular order, typically from highest to lowest. For example, the question may be shown a table of data on 5 different companies and asked which company had the highest profit in a year. You will then have to work out the respective earnings for each company given and drag to rank them accordingly.

Cappfinity-Style Questions

Cappfinity's questions are unique compared with many other test publishers. Each of the 5 types you can expect to encounter during their numerical, verbal and critical reasoning assessments are analysed below:

  • Multiple Choice:Simple choice of picking ONE of the multiple answers you are presented with.
  • Drop-down Multiple Choice:This follows exactly the same logic as a Multiple Choice question, except all of the options available will be revealed to you once you've clicked the drop-down box. This is used when you need to answer multiple questions which utilise the same numerical data or verbal information.
  • Rank:This is unique to Cappfinity's numerical reasoning tests. Click and drag each of the answer options until you've correctly sorted the choices given to you.
  • Text Field:A blank text field is displayed to you and you must enter your answer here as alphanumerical characters. This eliminates the chances of guessing the answer.
  • Drag-and-drop:Similar to rank, in that you will be required to sort your answers by clicking and dragging. However, you will be required to sort each answer option to a particular category.

Preparing for Cappfinity psychometric tests

Cappfinity's practise website, Capp, has one practise test of each type and sometimes have new tests which are open for candidates to trial.

AssessmentDay provides Cappfinity-style numerical and verbal practise tests, presenting you with a method of practise and preparation before undertaking a Capp ability test. Ensuring you are fully prepared beforehand will maximize your chances of performing highly on these tests because you will be less anxious and able to show your true ability.

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